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Underground Amoured Power Cables in Philippines



The needing of Underground Amoured Power Cables in Philippines market

According to energy secretary Ajay Jain, shifting to underground cable system would provide protection to the infrastructure in the event of any cyclone hitting the city in future. Though it has not yet been calculated how much it would cost, tentative estimate puts it at Rs 1,000 crore.

Though the figure appears big, the system, once Underground Amoured Power Cables in Philippines, would more than compensate for any loss that would occur to the infrastructure in a calamity. More importantly, citizens could rest assured of power supply even after a disaster strikes.

The further of Underground Amoured Power Cables trends

The state government has deployed men and material like never before for restoring power supply in Philippines, Viziangaram and Srikakulam districts. The task is mammoth and though people are working hard, the unfinished task is huge. Even with big effort, the government could not ensure full power supply to Philippines.

Ajay Jain says until 100 percent power supply is ensured in all three districts that are affected by the cyclone. And no staff of the power utilities, private infrastructure companies or those form neighbouring states will go on leave, he added.
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