10 мм кабель цена за метр

10 мм бронированный кабель 3 сердечника цена для продажи

How to select the 10mm 3 core cable suppliers?

10mm 3 core swa cable supplier
10mm 3 core swa cable supplier

Whenever you purchase the 10mm 3 core cable, you should know some common structures of the cable. Such as voltage, insulation and conductor materials, armoured layer and so on. The cable has two types: armoured and non-armoured. General, The 10 mm armoured cable 3 core is widely suite for underground, through conduit etc. Because of the armoured layer has powerful tensile strength to protect the cable from outer press. So, once you have knew the character and application of the 10mm 3 core cable. You can very easily select the types you need.

10mm 3 core swa cable price
10mm 3 core armoured cable price
Voltage rating: 600/1000V
Основные цвета: 10mm 3 core swa cable (Blue, Brown, Green/Yellow)
Стандарт: BS5467, IEC 60502
Дирижер: Class 2 stranded plain copper conductor to BS EN 60228:2005 and so on.
Изоляция: XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene)
Постельные принадлежности: PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)
Бронированный: SWA (Steel Wire Armour)
Ножны: PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)
Sheath color: black
Temperature rating: 0°C to +70°C

Whenever you are looking for the armoured cable 3 core 10mm.  then you can feel free contact Huadong Cable Group. As a brand cable manufacturer in Henan province, China. So we not only free design the 10 mm armoured cable 3 core size according to client’s requirement. But also we can provide a free quotation of the 10mm 3 core armoured cable price list for you reference. Here, you can customize all kinds of the size that your ideal. learn more about 10-миллиметровый трехжильный кабель Swa.

What should you pay attention to about the 10 mm armoured cable 3 core?

H07rn-f 10mm 3 core cable for sales

Flexible H07rn-f 10mm 3 core cable for sales


Дирижер: Class 5 flexible plain copper to BS EN 60228:2005(previously BS6360)
Изоляция: EPR(Ethylene Propylene Rubber) Type E14 to BS7655
Ножны: PCP(Polychioroprene) Type EM3 to BS7655
Цвет оболочки: Черный
Напряжение: 450/750V
Температурный рейтинг: conductor operation temperature -30°C to +60°C(85°C max)
Minimum Bending Radius: Up to 25mm2:6xoverall diameter;
Above to 25mm2:8xoverall diameter
Стандарты: BS7919 CENELEC HD22 4S and so on .

Because of there clad a metal armor layer between inner jacket and outer jacket. So that, the swa armoured 10mm 3 core cable which it is less flexible than the non-armoured cable. Therefore,you avoid laying crooked routes when install the swa10 mm armoured cable 3 core. In most cases, the cable is should suit for direct burial. At the same time, avoid strong external force to hit the outer sheath. As well as, armoured layer damages the outer sheath, click here visite Цена бронированного кабеля 10 мм message.

низкая цена-6мм-армированный-кабель-цена

6mm armoured cable price for sales

16 мм 3 сердечника swa кабель прайс-лист

16mm 3 core swa cable price for sales

But, if you want to learn more application and install knowledge about the10 mm armoured cable 3 core, you can contact us. You only tell us the requirement of the 10mm 3 core cable size, Our cable engineer will free design the structure and parameter date for you reference, the the same time, the factory direct sale 10mm 3 core armoured cable price will send you as soon as possible. provide you more help.

How do you find the best 10mm 3 core armoured cable price list?

Before you buy the armoured 10mm 3 core cable, you can by fellow ways to find out your ideals armoured cable 3 core 10mm lists. Firstly, you can search some swa 10 mm armoured cable 3 core suppliers online shopping website, view their10mm 3 core armoured cable price of online. Then collect some brand cable factories, require them to supply some 10mm 3 core cable price lists for you. Secondly, by compare these armoured cable price lists among them the important is you should note the cable’s packaging is wooden drum or iron drum. And then the payment method is FOB or CIF, the material of 10mm 3 core cable whether up to the international standard. Usually, the transport is sea or air and so on. By through these, I think you can know the obvious differences among them.

Бронированный кабель 10 мм 3 жилы
Бронированный кабель 10 мм 3 жилы

Lastly, you select some best 10mm 3 core armoured cable price price list from these collect factories that you think proper. Then you visit these 10 mm armoured cable 3 core factories. And then look into whether they have the equipment to produce this cable. So, Huadong Cable Group has 15 yrs manufacture experience in the 10mm 3 core cable. Own world-leading cable produce technology, And serviced clients more than 30 countries all over the world.

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