19/33kV CU/XLPE/CTS/PVC XLPE Stromkabel mit Kupferdrahtschirm

MV 19-33kV CU XLPE CTS PVC XLPE Insulated Power cable

19/33kV Armoured Power Cable Structure Feature

Rated Voltage: 19/33kV |
Farbe der Isolierung: Naturfarbe oder kundenspezifisch
Core Mark: Color Strip ( Yelllow, Bule, Red For 3 Core)
Core: 1 Core Or 3 Core
Outer Sheath Color: Black Or Customized
Cable Mark: Ink Printing Or Embossing Content Customized
Cable Drum Length: 300-450meter Per Drum
Metal Screen: Copper Tape Screen (CTS) Or Copper Wire Screen (CWS)

19/33kV CU/XLPE/CTS/PVC XLPE Power Cable Applications

For laying indoors and outdoors. Able to bear certain traction during installation, but not external mechanical forces. Laying single core cable in magnetic ducts is not allowed.

19/33kV CU/XLPE/CTS/PVC XLPE Power Cable Constructions

Conductor : Compact stranded copper conductor, Cl.2 as per IEC 60228
Conductor Screen: Semi-conductor
Insulation : XLPE(cross-linked polyethylene) rated at 90 ℃
Insulation Screen: Semi-conductor
Screen : Copper tape or Copper wire Screen as per request
Sheath : PVC type ST2 to IEC 60502, black

Note: Insulation color as per standards or customer requirement

19/33kV CU/XLPE/CTS/PVC XLPE Power Cable Standards

International: IEC 60502, IEC 60228
China: GB/T 12706.1-2008
Andere Normen wie BS, DIN und ICEA auf Anfrage

19/33kV CU/XLPE/CTS/PVC XLPE Power Cable Technical data
Rated voltage: 18/30kV
Maximum Conductor Temperature: under normal (90 ℃), emergency (130℃) or short circuit no more than 5 s (250℃) conditions.
Min. Ambient Temp.:The cable shall be pre heated if the ambient temperature is below 0℃
Min. Bending Radius: single core cable 20(d+D)±5%
Mehradriges Kabel 15(d+D)±5%

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