Cable de 10 mm precio por metro

Cable blindado de cobre de 3 hilos de 10 mm de gama alta al mejor precio


What’s the 10mm 3 core swa cable market trend?

Because of with the paid development of global economy and the international trade. Also promoted the development of 10mm 3 core swa armoured cable market. Therefore, the cable is more and more suit for variety of industrial. So, many buyer also like to received the cable. But how to get the satisfying 10mm 3 core swa price from so many suppliers.  Firstly, that is a distressed process when they purchase the cable. Because of wide application of the swa cable, more and more cable manufacturers in succession appear.
At the same time, there is a lot of 10mm 3 core swa cable middle suppliers. But, they broke the normal international order.


Tensión nominal: 600/1000V
Colores básicos: Cable swa de 3 hilos de 10 mm (azul, marrón, verde/amarillo)
Estándar: BS5467, IEC 60502
Conductor: Class 2 stranded plain copper conductor to BS EN 60228:2005
Aislamiento: XLPE (polietileno reticulado)
Ropa de cama: PVC (cloruro de polivinilo)
Blindado: SWA (blindaje de alambre de acero)
Vaina: PVC (cloruro de polivinilo)
Color de la funda: negro
Temperatura nominal: 0°C a +70°C

So, Huadong Cable Group international trade sales managers hear the complaints often from end customers. But the middlemen get lowest 10mm 3 core swa price from the cables factories, then change hands the end-users. Therefore, they get a lot of profit from the these. However, great economic loss to end-users. How a very sad thing to many end-users.

How to get your idea 10mm 3 core swa price?

But, how to find the reliable 6mm 3 core swa cable manufacturer?  Whenever want to get the armoured cables factory direct sales 10mm 3 core swa price list?  how to avoid the middlemen and so on. Many end clients focus of attention these questions. So, Huadong Cable Group sales manager Mr.Allen according to some year experience. And will give you some helpful advises, hope that  you to get your proper 10mm 3 core armoured cable supplier.

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If, you can find your business by internet, and then to search the suppliers in google. Then you will find many excellent swa cable manufacturer from China. That’s because, China has rich metal resources. Especially, aluminum and copper.


So, Huadong Group Company as a brand 10mm 3 core swa cable factory. It not only can produce all kinds of armoured cable according to client’s requirement. but also factory direct sales, without thirdly partner. At the same time, you can get your ideal 10mm 3 core swa price. So, we welcome you visit our factory, hope give more surprise to you.

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