overhead aluminum steel acsr wolf weasel dog moose conductor price list

What’s advantage of 100mm acsr dog conductor ?

Although the acsr dog conductor is one of the bare acsr conductors. But it is usually used for overhead distribution and transmission of electricity.

100mm2 acsr dog conductor
100mm2 acsr dog conductor



Because these acsr moose conductor and acsr wolf conductor are formed by stranded aluminum and steel wire. So there are excellent conductivity and light weight. But, what’s more, the price of aluminum acsr weasel conductor is relatively cheap. At the same time, the inner strand is steel that is used to increase the strength and help to support the weight of the acsr wolf conductor.

So, The acsr dog conductor has a mixed construction, which consists of Hard-Drawn 1350-H19 aluminum wires surrounded the Zine coat steel strands. Meanwhile, the acsr moose conductor steel as the inner core , higher strength than aluminium, which allows for increased mechanical tension to be applied on the acsr weasel conductor.

acsr-dog-conductor price for sales
acsr-dog-conductor price for sales


The both acsr 100mm2  and dog conductor parameter

Code name Al. No. Dog
Nominal aluminum area mm 2 100
Stranding structure 6
Sectional area of aluminum mm 2 105
Overall diameter мм 14.15
Total кг/км 394
Текущий рейтинг A 278


Where to buy acsr moose conductor price list at lowest?

In order to buy the lowest price of acsr moose conductor from manufacturer, you need some Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced technology. Firstly, The acsr 500mm moose conductor and acsr dog conductor are a very popular type of aluminum conductor steel reinforced. But, it is clear that the aluminum and steel are the main raw materials.  Secondly, this acsr wolf conductor consists of 54 stranded aluminum of 3.53mm diameter and 7 steel strands of 3.53 mm.  So, the acsr weasel conductor is a popular conductor in the market. Therefore, there are so many bare conductors in industry market. But why do you want to choose acsr moose conductors?

moose-conductor manufacturer
moose-conductor manufacturer


I think that is because of its characteristics. Thirdly, the inner core of acsr dog conductor is stranded steel. So the conductor has high tensile strength. Meanwhile the external aluminum is light. Because of that means the acsr wolf conductor can cover a long span with less support. So if the overhead wire needs to cross the river and valley, many people will think of acsr weasel conductor. In addition to, the acsr moose conductor has good conductivity and low price. Firstly, I it can meet the requirements of electricity transmission and distribution. Secondly, aluminum is the main material of acsr dog conductor.

Both 500mm2 ACSR  and Moose Conductor Parameter

Code name Moose
Nominal aluminum area mm 2 Al. No. 500
Stranding structure Al. Dia. 54
Overall diameter мм 31.77
Calculated breaking load daN 16110
Текущий рейтинг A 763


What you should know the reason acsr wolf conductor heating

Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced

Both acsr wolf and 150mm2 conductor parameter

Code name Wolf
Nominal aluminum area mm 2 Al. No. 150
Stranding structure Al. No. 30
Al. Dia. 2.59
Sectional area of aluminum mm 2 158.1
Текущий рейтинг A 355


Generally speaking, some acsr wolf conductor have the heating phenomenon. If you don’t find the reason in time. But continue working long hours. So can cause break down. At the same time, a serious fire even be caused. So, which may result in irreparable loss and damage. Besides, the following is the reason.  Meanwhile, which  harm of acsr dog conductor heating. So that summarized by Huadong Cable factory.

So you should pay attention to the performance of the acsr moose conductor, and if the conductor of acsr weasel conductor size is not proper. Such as wire core is too small. What’s more it will cause load overload. Meanwhile, after a long period of use. So the heating and cooling heat of the cable is unbalanced, installation is too dense. So that it will affect the normal heat dissipation of the cable. What’s more  may also lead to the conductor heating.

acsr wolf conductor


Where get High quality both acsr weasel conductor and moose conductor

Because of the acsr weasel conductor is uses as bare overhead transmission conductor and as primary and messenger support. So, our acsr dog conductor is very popular with our customers. In order to make sure acsr moose conductor performance. Therefore, we produce them in strict accordance with international standards. So, the aluminum diameter is 6/2.59mm and 1/2.59mm. Meanwhile people usually use this kind of conductor in overhead electricity transmission projects. Therefore, it is very important to make sure the accuracy of acsr wolf conductor size. and it used for the conductor of 3 core aluminum cable.

weasel conductor supplier

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