Экран из медной проволоки CWS 630 мм одножильный кабель

Кабель 1С 34,5кв 125мм2 xlpe с силовым кабелем CU-XLPE-CTS-PVC

  Product information of single core CU CTS PVC 34.5kv 125mm2 xlpe cable

Firstly, Application of the 34.5kv 125mm2 xlpe cable with CU CTS PVC especially every suitable for distribution of energy. So, unarmoured, with compacted copper conductor and XLPE insulation.


Secondly, advantages of the 3kv up to 34.5kv 125mm2 power cable with CU-XLPE-CTS-PVC. Especially, flame retardant 34.5kv 125mm2 power cable used to be responsible for spreading fire. Because of the 34.5kv 1x 125mm2 cu cts pvc power cable is flame retardant.


Напряжение: 1.8/3KV,3.6/6KV,6/10KV,10KV,11KV,15kv,8.7/15KV, 18/30KV,19/33KV and so on.
Дирижер: Copper/Tinned Copper/Aluminum and so on.
Ядра: both Single Core and Three Core
Секционная зона: 25 mm sq. up to 630 mm sq and so on.
Изоляция: XLPE (Flame Resistance)
Экран: Copper Tape Screen and so on.
Ножны: ПВХ и так далее.

The Feature of 34.5kv 1 x 125mm2 power cable with CU-XLPE-CTS-PVC

So, this 34.5kv 1 x 125mm2  cable means that this CU-CTS-PVC 34.5kv 1 x 125 mm2 power cables is designing in a way that it will not spread fire. At the same time the 34.5kv 125mm2 power cable with these advantages are often used in buildings and at locations where people live, work and travel / move.


Copper tape screen of the 34.5kv 1x125mm2 XLPE power cable

Because of the purpose of the copper tape screen is to prevent cables from spreading electromagnetic fields. So, this will prevent the cable from affecting other cables or equipment in the direct surroundings of the CU-CTS-PVC of 34.5kv 1x125mm2 XLPE power cable. Meanwhile the copper tape screen is also suitable as a grounding system for the 35mm armoured 3 core swa cable.

34.5kv 1 x 125mm2 power cable price
34.5kv 1 x 125mm2 power cable price

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