7C x 2.5, 7C x 1.5 Оцинкованная стальная проволока Бронированный кабель управления

7C x 2.5,7C x 1.5 Оцинкованная сталь проволока бронированный кабель управления Применение:

Galvanized Steel Wire Armoured Control Cable

7Cx 2.5,7Cx 1.5 Galvanized Steel Wire Armoured Control Cable  have moisture, corrosion and anti-injury characteristics, can be laid in the tunnel or cable trench. Power cables are used in power system main lines to transmit and distribute high-power electric power, and control cables directly transmit electric energy from power distribution points of power system to power connecting lines of various electric equipment and appliances.

7C x 2.5,7C x 1.5 Galvanized Steel Wire Armoured Control Cable STANDARD:

IEC 60502, BS 5308, GB 9330

7C x 2.5,7C x 1.5 Galvanized Steel Wire Armoured Control Cable CONSTRUCTION:

Conductor: Plain annealed copper wrie


Armoured:Galvanized Steel Wire Armoured

Sheath:PVC sheath

1.5mm 2.5mm 4mm 6mm 16mm sy control cable

cy pvc control cable


7C x 2.5,7C x 1.5 Galvanized Steel Wire Armoured Control Cable PARAMETERS:

No.Cross Sectional Area of Conductor (mm2) Nominal Strand
ing of Conduc
tor (mm)
Approximate Overall Diameter (mm) Approximate Weight (kg/km)
7C?x 1.5 7/0.53 15.2 506
7Cx 2.5 7/0.67 17.1 618
7C?x 4.0 7/0.85 19.7 904
7C?x 6.0 7/1.04 21.3 1110
7Cx 10.0 7/1.35 25.6 1720
12C?x 1.5 7/0.53 19.4 854
12C?x 2.5 7/0.67 22.4 1080
12C?x 4.0 7/0.85 25.7 1550
19C?x 1.5 7/0.53 22.2 1120
19C?x 2.5 7/0.67 26.6 1570
19C?x 4.0 7/0.85 29.3 2050
27C?x 1.5 7/0.53 26.7 1120
27C?x 2.5 7/0.67 30.7 1570

7C x 2.5,7C x 1.5 Galvanized Steel Wire Armoured Control Cable FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

4 months ago by Jonathan What is the application for control cable with screen shield  ?

4 months ago Asked Shielded control cable is used for loop control and line protection undergroud or  in controlling instrument in low voltage.

2 months ago by Chhabi Khanal What is Construction of N2XY cable ?

2 months ago Asked it is copper conductor ,xlpe insulation and pvc shealth cable

1 month ago by Connie The Construction of Paired or Triplex Instrument Cable?

1 month ago Asked Conductor Annealed or tinned copper, sizes: 0.5mm² and 0.75mm² mulitistranded(Class 5), 0.5 mm², 1.0 mm² solid(Class 1), 1.5mm² or 2.5mm², multistranded(Class 2) to BS6360 Insulation PE (Polyethylene) type 03 to BS6234 Pairing Two or three insulated conductors uniformly twisted together with a lay not exceeding 100mm Colour code See technical information Binder tape PETP transparent tape Outer sheath PVC Sheath, type TM 1 or type 6 to BS 6746

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