mining reeling rubber H07RN F crane cable nsshoeu-j 4×6 4×35 4×70 4×95 4×120 4×120/70

The feature of rubber flexible cable nsshoeu-J 4×6 4×35 4×70 4×95 4×120 4×120/70mm

Huadong Cable Group is a professional nsshoeu-j 4×6 4x35mm 4×70 4x95mm 4×120 flexible rubber cable manufacturer in China,  How where you are from,  here you can meet your ideal rubber cable and welding cable.

4x35mm mining rubber cable ruppplier

Voltage: 0.6/1 kV (600/1000V)
Conductor: both copper or tinned and finely stranded (class 5)
Insulation: PROTOLON, Basic material: EPR, Compound type: 3GI3 in accordance
Brand: Huadong Cable Group
Inner Sheath: Rubber compound, GM1b OR 5GM3 Grade or Better
Outer Sheath: Chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE), 5GM3 OR 5GM5 Grade
Environment Condition: Oil, Abrasion And Weather Resistant Flame-retardants and so on.

About the application of mining Flexible rubber Cable Nsshoeu-J 4×6 4×35 4x70mm 4×95 4x120mm what you should know?

Generally speaking, the rubber Cable Nsshoeu-J 4x6mm2 4x35mm 4x70mm 4x95mm used for flexible use and fixed installation environment. Such as open-cast mining applications, in quarries, construction sites, and similar applications, with heavy mechanical stresses. The cables can be used indoors as well as outdoors, in explosion-hazard areas, in industry and in agriculture.


1 ….. fine-stranded tinned copper
2 ….. EPR rubber insulation(ethylene-propylene polymer)
3 ….. rubber inner sheath
4 ….. outer sheath of polychloroprene (CR), yellow, abrasion
and oil resistant, flame retardant

 So, they can be used permanently in wastewater up to 40°C at a depth of max, 2000m and in industrial water, cooling water, surface water, rainwater, and mixed water – and in groundwater and seawater to a more limited extent. Because of the requirements for accessibility and inspection depend on the consistency of the water.  So, in aggressive water or composed of special substances, the cable’s resistance properties should be tested.

How did find your ideal flexible rubber cable nsshoeu-j 4×35 4×6  4×70 4x95mm 4×120 4×120/70 suppliers?

Whenever you want to purchase a high-quality cable product, it beginning with choosing the right cable suppliers. So, it is a good method by advertising online, either using the search engines. Usually, the nsshoes-J cable 4x6mm 4x35mm 4x70mm middlemen haven’t the ability to customize the types of armoured cable you need. They burying armoured cable mainly from direct underground armoured cable suppliers. So, this is a good method to avoid the middle sellers You will get a lot of the nsshoeu-J 4x6mm 4x35mm 4x70mm for sale information.

HT 2PNCT rubber cable

Then you can view their website to understand how many types of 4 core flexible cable. Learn their firm information, factory areal and capacity, cables produce lines, testing equipment, stock and so on. So, the next you need require they offer the cable price list for you. Besides, by compare with the electrical cable price list to judge who whether is the H07rn-f cable  nsshoeu-J 4x6mm 4x35mm 4x70mm supplier.

The parameter of mining rubber cable nsshoeu-j 4×35 4×6 4×35 4x70mm 4×954×120 4×120/70

No. Description Unit Data Data
1 Reference standard VDE 0250,Part 812
2 Rated Voltage kV 0.6/1(1.2) 0.6/1(1.2)
3 Size mm2 4×2.5 4×6
4 Conductor
Nominal Cross-section Area mm2 2.5 6
Max. Stranding Wire Diameter mm 0.26 0.31
Max. Diameter of Conductor mm 2.4 3.0
Max.D.C Resistance at 20 ℃ Ω/km 8.21 3.39
5 Insulation
Nominal thickness mm 0.9 1.0
Color of insulation Yellow-green and Brown, Black, Grey
6 Inner Sheath
Nominal thickness mm 1.2 1.2
7 Outer Sheath
Nominal thickness mm 2.0 2.0
Color of sheath Yellow Yellow
8 Approx. Overall Dia. of cable mm 15~18 18~21
9 Approx. Weight kg/km 400 630
10 Minimum Bending Radius

for installation

≤5D (D:overall diameter )(Fixed )

≤10D (D:overall diameter )(Flexible)

11 Standard Packing Length m 1000 1000

rubber cable nsshoeu-j 4×35

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