LSZH fire resistant 16mm 3 core cable cable

price of 4 core armoured 16mm electrical power cable-Cu/Al XLPE/PVC insulation

Characters of 16mm 4 core Armoured Cable

1. Max Long-time operating temperature of XLPE insulated cable is 90°C2.Installing temperature of cable should not be less than 0°C

3. Max short-circuit temperature is not exceed 250°C,Not more than5 Sec.

4.Unable be laid without the limit of fall with enough mechanical pull,Single core cable can not be laid in iron tube or fixed by circled iron tools around cables

16mm armoured cable for sales
types of 16mm armoured cable picture

What should pay attention to when you buy price of 4 core 16mm armoured cable in nigeria?

Many clients pay attention to the price of 16mm armoured cable in Nigeria marking , why?  Because of to begin with, the needing’s of 16mm armoured cable become more and more bigger. Especially, some developing countries. For example, South Africa, Philippines, Yemen, Mongolia and so an.

So, there are born a large 16mm square cable manufacturers in  the world. But how to get satisfying 16mm swa cable price from among them. That is a interesting thing for many customers. At the same time, Huadong Group hope to help you how to purchase high quality 16mm 3 core armoured cable.

Aluminum/copper core – 16mm armoured power cable

16 sq mm aluminium cable price
armoured 16 sq mm aluminium cable price
Voltage: 600/1000V.
Conductor meterial: Copper/tinned copper/aluminum.
No of Cores: 4 Core.
Areal of conductor: 16 sq mm.
Insulation: PVC/XLPE/Fire resistant PE.
Sheath Color: Black.
Standard: IEC/ASTM/DIN/NFC/IECA etc.
Delivery Time: about 15 days.
Packaging: Woodern or iron Drum or according to your requirement.

Firstly, In many cases, it’s better to place a small 16mm power cable order. If you do not know much about the price of 16mm armoured cable in nigeria cable company. So you learn more cable factories. If the cable’s quality is excellent, you can think about cooperate with them in the further. Secondly, If you purchase the armoured 16mm aluminum cable. First of all, you must look at the appearance of the conductor strength whether up to the international standard. Instead of, only pay attention to the armoured 16 sq mm aluminium cable price.

16mm swa cable with 3 core

16mm swa cable
xlpe/pvc insulation 16mm swa cable with 3 core

16mm 3 core swa cable voltage: 600/1000V.
Conductors: Plain annealed stranded copper.
Insulation: XLPE (Cross linked polyethylene).
Core identification: 2 core (Brown & Blue), 3 core (Brown, Black & Grey), 4 core.
(Brown, Black, Grey & Blue). 5 core & above – white cores with black numbers.
Bedding: PVC (Polyvinyl-Chloride).
Armour/Protection: SWA (Single wire armour).
Sheath/Jacket: PVC (Polyvinyl-Chloride).
Operating temperature: Maximum 90°C, minimum bending 0°C.
Designed for use in mains supply electricity.  So, These 3 core armoured cable 16mm cables are provided with mechanical protection are therefore suitable for external use and direct burial.

Thirdly, if you want to get best 16mm swa cable price. You must avoid the middlemen to find the really direct sales 16mm electrical cable factories. The best way is that you visit their factory. Make sure whether they have a really factory. Huadong Cable Group as a professional armoured 16mm xlpe cable factory. Welcome you visit our factory any time

16mm armoured cable with 4 core swa

16mm 4 core swa cable
16mm 4 core swa cable pricture
Voltage: 600V/1000V.
No.of cores: 4.
Approx overall diameter: 23.6mm.
Conductors: Plain Annealed Stranded Copper.
Insulation: Cross-Linked Polyethylene (XLPE)/PVC.
Core identification: Brown, Black, Grey & Blue.
Bedding: PVC.
Armour / Protection: swa/sta or non-armoured.
Jacket: PVC;    Color: Black.
– The transport industry.
– Railway industry.
– Underneath roads carrying mains electricity to buildings.
– Cable Ducting within warehouses.

What’s the 16mm electrical cable?

Usually, the 16mm electrical cable  refer to conductor’s cross sectional area is 16 sq mm. But also, the 16mm square cable as one specifications of the electrical power cables. The 16mm power cable has a wide application environment. Such as: indoor and outer, street lighting, underground, building, railway, power substation and so on.

LSOH 16mm electrical cable – (Low Smoke Zero Halogen)  with  3, 4 core

16mm electrical cable with LSZH fire resistant
16mm electrical cable with LSZH fire resistant
Voltage: 600/1000v
Conductors: Cu/Plain annealed stranded copper.
Insulation: PVC/XLPE (Cross linked polyethylene).
Core identification: 2 core (Brown & Blue), 3 core (Brown, Black & Grey), 4 core.
(Brown, Black, Grey & Blue). 5 core & above – white cores with black numbers.
Bedding: PVC (Polyvinyl-Chloride).
Armour: SWA (Single wire armor) or non-armor.
Sheath/Jacket: PVC (Polyvinyl-Chloride).
Standard: BS 7870-3.10-2001 orIEC 60502, BS, DIN, or others as per customer’s country.
16mm 3 core cable working:
1.The long time working temperature is at 90℃, suffer short circuit (within 5 seconds). The temperature of core can not higher than 250℃.
2.The ambient temperature should not lower than -10℃.

To begin with, in difference environments. It is also difference application. The 16mm aluminium cable is very suite to high overhead often. And the price of 16mm armoured cable in nigeria used for direct burial, conduit and so on. Especially, the 16mm swa cable is very popular in some big projects. There’s because of its high tension strength. But, 16mm xlpe cable usually suite for the temperature is 90 degree.

How many types of 16mm armoured power cable?

Flexible 16mm power cable – PVC insualted and sheath

16mm xlpe cable
the fexible 16mm xlpe cable picture
Voltage: 300/500V, 450/750V,0.6/1kv.
2, 3, 4 & 6 Core Cables.
Size: 16.00 sq mm.
Conductor Material: flexible Copper.
Color:  Black.
Material: PVC Insulated.
Resistance (Max.) per Km at 20° C: 1.21 ohm.
Number/Nom. Dia of Wires* (Nom.): 126/0.40 mm.
Thickness of Insulation (Nom.): 1.0 mm.
Nominal Thickness of Sheath: 1.4 mm.
Feature: The 16 sq mm 4 core cable is classe as 3 core and earth. So the 16 sq mm 4 core copper cable is PVC insulated and round sheathed. The wire featuring a bright annealed bare copper conductor.

Generally speaking, from difference angles. The 16mm electrical cable has many types of description methods. If divide feature from the cable’s armoured structure. So, the 16mm square cable has steel tap armored and steel wire armor. Generally the price of 16mm armoured cable in nigeria is higher than other Africa marking.  Especially, the 16mm swa cable is widely used in many projects. Due to the large amount of application, in short supply. So, the 16mm swa cable price is much expensive than other size cable.

16mm xlpe cable with 4 core armoured
16mm xlpe cable with 4 core armoured

BS5467 4 Core Armoured Cable parameter

dia. of
@ 20°C
(1 sec)
In air
Amps Volt
BS5467 4 Core Cables
10 19.7 14.2 1.25 10875 1.83 1.4 1.9 92 75 82
16 22.4 16.7 1.25 1450 1.15 2.2 2.2 119 96 107
25 27.3 20.7 1.6 2060 0.727 3.6 3.2 152 124 140
35 30.2 23.4 1.6 2550 0.524 5 3.7 182 149 172
50* 32.2 26 1.6  2875 0.387 7.1 4.1 217 177 209
70* 38 30.6 2 4250 0.268 10 6.1 266 218 263
95* 41.7 34.1 2  5475 0.193 13.6 6.8 319 263 324
120* 45.4 37.6 2.5 7175 0.153 17.2 9.5 363 300 376
 150* 50.6 41.6 2.5 8475 0.124 21.4 10.6 406 338 430
185* 55.3 46 2.5 10350 0.0991 26.5 11.8 458 382 495
240* 61.2 51.7 2.5 13000 0.0754 34.3 13.4 529 442 584
300* 66.8 56.9 2.5 15750 0.0601 42.9 14.8 592 496 666
400* 75.4 64 3.15 20400 0.047 57.2 20.9 667 570 766

But, if from the cable’s insulation materials. The 16mm electrical cable has 16mm2 pvc insulated cable and 16mm xlpe cable. Because of the xlpe insulation has excellent property of powerful avoid current breakdown. The xlpe material mainly used in the production of 16mm power cable.

But from the conductor materials. the 16mm square cable has 16mm2 copper or tinned copper conductor cable and 16 sq mm aluminium cable. Because of the aluminum resource is more enough than copper, aluminum has also very good conductivity. Exactly, the 16 sq mm aluminium cable price is cheaper than the copper cable..

Advantage of 4 core 16mm armoured cable

1. Excellent electric and mechanical characteristics

2. Best Resistance chemical corrosion and heat-ageing,environment stress and flame-retardant

3. Simple in structure,Convenient to use4. Reduce costs


16mm swa cable price
16mm swa cable price for sales from Huadong

What’s the advantage 16mm swa xlpe cable?

Although, the 16mm swa cable is one types of 16mm square cable. Because of strong tensile strength, it is very suit for some underground install. Steel is the best tension strength in all the metals. So, as common armoured layer material often when produce the armoured cable.

Especially the 16mm armoured cable. It has very protect the cable from outer strong external pressure. When you buy the 16mm swa cable. Firstly, you must testing tension strength of the singe steel wire whether up to requirement. If that, you can purchase your order to them.

16 sq mm aluminium cable price
16 sq mm aluminium cable packaging and delivery

Although, HuaDong only one of 16mm electrical cable manufacturers. But huadong Cable Group has over 15 years experience in export the 16mm power cable. But also, we have over 15 senior cable engineers and advanced technology. And can design all kinds of 16mm armoured cable specifications according to client’s requirements. Such as: 16mm aluminium cable, 16mm xlpe cable and so on. At the same time, free provide 16 sq mm aluminium cable price list and sample for you. If you are looking for the cable, please contact us get more help.

Which manufacture can supply the best 16 sq mm aluminum cable price?

So, if you want get best 16mm aluminium cable. Firstly, if you need find a powerful 16mm electrical cable manufacturer. Instead of a middlemen. You can place your order in the internet. Then select some reliable 16mm square cable suppliers. Then compare with the 16 sq mm aluminium cable price from among them. But, addition to the price, you need pay attention to other question.

Therefore when you purchase lowest price of 16mm armoured cable in Nigeria marking with your new project.  you should see the conductor is pressure or not. If pressure, the single cross sectional area is become small, influencing the electrical conductivity. Especially, the 16mm swa cable isn’t pressure the conductor.

16mm swa cable manufacturer
16mm swa cable manufacturer of huadong cable group

Secondly, If you buy the aluminum conductor of the 16mm xlpe cable. Firstly, you need test the xlpe insulation’s pureness and resistant temperature. That whether up to the international standard. That’s because the insulation’s quality decide the quality of the cable’s life.

Why choose Huadong Cable Group when you purchase the 16mm electrical cable?

Above advise hope you. If you are still have more help when you looking for the 16mm electrical cable.  You can also contact HDC Cable Group.  We not only is one biggest 16mm power cable manufacturer in China. But we have service many customers from more 30 countries global.  As well as welcome visit factory.

But, HDC group as a excellent price of 16mm armoured cable 3 core suppliers in China. At the same time, can manufacturing all types of cables. The 6mm electrical cable products export to more 30 countries in world. Such as: in Nigeria, Philippines, Singapore. Mongolia, Yemen etc.

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