10 mm swa steel wire armoured electrical cable price sales

What should you know about the 10mm armoured price cable?

Usually, the 10mm armoured cable refers to mono-filament diameter is 10 sq mm. And 10mm electrical cable is a large variant of electric cables that suitable for mains voltage electricity. For example, various powered networks, weatherproof & dust-proof. When the 10 mm armoured cable application for underground installation. Attach to structures and building using 10 square swa cable cleats. The 10 mm armored cable is commonly found in a range of installation including.

10mm cable price per meter
10mm cable price per meter

3 Core 10mm2 armoured cable for sale

Rate Voltage : 600/1000v
Conductors: Class 2 stranded plain copper conductor
Insulation: XLPE (cross-linked polyethylene)
Bedding: PVC (polyvinyl chloride)
Armouring of 10mm steel wire armoured cable: multi core: SWA
Sheath: PVC (polyvinyl chloride)
Core color of 10mm electrical cable: Brown / Black / Grey

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The 10mm armoured cable has 3 types of armoured layers. Generally, they 10 square swa cable are steel tape armoure, steel wire armoure and galvanized steel wire armore. The construction of 10 mm armored cable from the following materials: aluminum or plain annealed copper of the conductors class 2 to BS EN60228, cross-linked polyethylene of insulation, the Polyvinyl Chloride of the bedding and sheathing of the 10mm steel wire armoured cable.


4 Core 10 mm armored cable for sales

Voltage rating: 600/1000v
Conductor:  plain copper conductor
Insulation: XLPE (cross-linked polyethylene)
Bedding: PVC (polyvinyl chloride)
Armor: multi core: SWA (steel wire armour)
Sheath: PVC (polyvinyl chloride)
Application of 10mm electrical cable: for use in power networks, underground, outdoor and indoor applications and for use in cable ducting.

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What’s the difference of the 10mm cable price per meter?

Because of the the different structure of 10mm2 armoured cable, The 10mm cable price per meter is also difference. 10 sq mm aluminium cable price is more higher than other cables. Especially, the armoured cable 10mm is the most higher in the international market. Because of excellent swa layer of the 10 sq mm armoured cable. The 10 mm armored cable is very widely more and more popular for many end-users.

10mm2 swa cable supplier
10mm2 swa cable supplier

5 Core 10mm armoured cable

Number of cores / size of cable SWA Cable 5 core 10mm.
Approx overall diameter (approximate size) 22.9mm.
Conductors: Plain annealed stranded copper.
Insulation: XLPE (Cross linked polyethylene).
Armour of 10mm steel wire armoured cable: SWA (Single wire armour).
Jacket of 10 square swa cable: PVC (Polyvinyl-Chloride).
Operating temperature: Maximum 90C, minimum bending 0C.
voltages of 10mm electrical cable: BS5467: Electric cables. Thermosetting insulated, armoured cables for voltages of 600/1000V .

Not only, the armor of the 10mm armoured cable provides protection for the following insulation layers. But also 10mm steel wire armoured cable enables to have higher pulling loads. So that 10 square swa cable stand the strain of being dispense from the large iron wooden drums. At the same time, the armor layers of can also application a natural earth and current protective conductor for this cables. That’s why that a seperate earth cable isn’t requirement.

How to get your ideas 10 mm armored cable price list?

If you want to get the high quality armored cable 10mm. Not only pay attention to 10mm cable price per meter price, but also attach importance to the construction of the cable’s materials. You should know you want get what you pay for. But how to get your deals prices from so many 10 square cable manufacturers with the all over the world.


10 sq mm aluminium cable price

Types of 10 square swa cable: Individual+Overall /Individual/Armor.
Types of Conductor: plain annealed circular copper conductor. Conform to IEC 60228 or BS 6360 class 2.
Insulation: PE (polyethylene)
Overall screening: Accumulate pairs screening with aluminum/mytar tape. Apply with the metallic side down in electrical contact. And with a tinned annealed copper drain wire 0.5mm2.
Bedding: PE, color black
No. of Armoring: Galvanized steel round wire over the bedding.
Sheath: PVC(polyvinyl chioride).


Now, the cable engineer Mr. Kable from Huadong Group will give you some advises. Firstly, 10mm armoured cable has two types of conductor materials, aluminum and copper. So, you purchase the cables before you should know what’s the cable’s conductor you need. Generally, 10 sq mm aluminium cable price is cheaper than the copper cable. Because, the copper per ton is more expensive than the aluminum. Because of the international 10mm electrical cable market’s changing, the 10 sq mm aluminium cable price changing is very large.

Get High quality armoured cable 10mm

First of all, armored cable 10mm price per meter is also difference, due to the 10mm cable has swa and unarmoured. Because, the cost and technology of produce of the 10 mm armored cable is higher than the unarmoured cable. So, the 10mm armoured cable price in the international market. Therefore 10 square swa cable is more expensive than the non-armoured 10 sq mm aluminium cable price. And the third partner’s 10mm steel wire armoured cable price is very high than the direct cable factory. At the same time, some other factors also effect the 10mm cable price per meter. Such as: transportation cost, transportation method, changes prices of the materials and so on

10mma CVV-SWA-control-cable
10mma CVV-SWA-control-cable

Armoured control cable

Material of Conductor: Concentric Strandard annealed copper wire.

: PVC Black color.
Core of 10 square swa cable: 2-30 Core.
Identification: Printe White number on the surface of Black insulation.
Filler: Suitable filler.
Inner sheath: PVC Black color.
Armour of 10mm steel wire armoured cable: Galvanized steel wire.
Outer Sheath: PVC Black color.
Application of 10mm electrical cable: For use in duct, tray and for direct burying in ground, the cable subjects to immerse in water all the line and so on.

Secondly, many buyers can’t find their ideals 10 mm armored cable price, that’s because they don’t find the direct sales cable factory. But how can you get the direct cable factory? it is a very good method to search your 10mm steel wire armoured cable supplier in google and alibaba.

Therefore, 10 square swa cable will gives you some helps for you. So, as one of the best steel armoured cable 10mm manufacturers in China, Huadong Cable Group not only has over 15 years manufacture and export experience. So,if you want learn more about 10mm cable price per meter, you feel free to contact us. So, we will quote the best competitive 10mm electrical cable factory price for you conference.

10 sq mm aluminium cable price
10 sq mm aluminium cable price

10 sq mm aluminium cable price

size of 10 square swa cable: 1-5 core
Voltage: 0.6/1kv
Conductors: Aluminum
Insulation: XLPE (Cross linked polyethylene)
Bedding PVC (Polyvinyl-Chloride)
Armour: SWA (Single wire armor)/Non-armor
Operating temperature: Maximum 90C, minimum bending 0C


Why the 10 sq mm aluminium cable price is lower than copper 10mm armoured cable price?

Maybe, you feel confuse often when you purchase the 10 square cable. Why it is so great difference of the 10mm cable price per meter. That’s because of aluminium source is very enough in the world. Especially in Zhengzhou city of China. At the same time, here have many powerful 10 square swa cable factories. therefore savings a large of the cost of 10mm electrical cable. That’s because of the 10 sq mm aluminium cable price is from Zhengzhou.

AAC 10mm aluminum cable
AAC/AACSR/AAAC  10mm aluminum cable

10 sq mm aluminium cable price

Types:AAC/ACSR/AAAC/AACSR/GSW and so on.

Bare conductor application of 10 square swa cable:
Bare conductor is suitable for overhead power transmission lines and distribution system. So it is one of the main products to form electrified wire network.

But, these lead to high cost of the 10 square armoured copper cable. So, 10mm armoured cable price become more and more expensive.  So, Huadong Cable Company as a leading 10 mm armored cable manufacturer. So, 10mm electrical cable has own advanced cable produce technology. We can produce all kinds of conductor materials cable, such as: copper, tinned copper, all aluminum alloy conductor and so on. Meanwhile, we will provide the best 10mm2 armoured cable price for you!

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