1C 3 Core 33kv 120mm 185mm 240mm 300mm XLPE Undergournd Cable Price

33KV XLPE SWA power cable is used to transmit and distribute power in a power transmission and distribution system of 35kV or lower. It is generally applied to the fields including power, construction, mines, metallurgy, petrochemical industry, and communication in the complete replacement of oil immersed paper insulated power cable.

33kv underground cable

Single Core 33Kv 120mm2 150mm2 185mm2 240mm2 Armoured Cable Structure

Conductor: Circular solid aluminium conductor
Conductor screen: Extruded semi-conducting compound
Insulation: XLPE
Insulation screen: Extruded semi-conducting compound
Screen: Concentric layer of copper wires with copper tape applied in the opposite direction.
Outer sheath: PE
Colour of sheath: Black
Screen sizes: 25 mm², 35 mm², 50 mm² on request

Application: 33 kV A.C. Electricity distribution cable.
Conductor temperature: Max. 90°C
Short circiut temperature: Max. 250°C
Installation temperature: Min. -15°C
Min. radius of bend: 15 x D
Max. pullings tension: Directly on conductor 30 N/mm² of total conductor cross section.

33KV Single Core 50mm 95mm 185mm 240mm XLPE  Cable Technology Date

Nominel area of conductor and screen
Diameter of conductor
Radial thickness of insulation
Standard lenght
Outer dimension max.
Approx  weight
kg pr. km
1×50+16 7.5 8 On request 38 1250
1×95+25 10.7 8 43 1450
1×150+25 13.3 8 46 1700
1×185+50 14.8 8 47 2100
1×240+50 17 8 49.5 2300
1×300+50 18.9 8 52 2600
1×400+50 21.4 8 54 3100
1×500+50 24.2 8 55 3500

What’s you want to know about 33kv cable 240mm 3 core?

Usually 33kv cable 185mm 3 core as a one types of the mv cables.  But it refers to one core 33kv xlpe cable with aluminium wire armour (AWA) layer or three cores 33kv underground cable with steel wire armour (SWA) layer. at the same time, the layers provide very well mechanical protection when installation. The 33kv cable 240mm 3 core designed for power distribution network & suitable for direct burial.

3 Core 33kv underground cable with fire resistant(LSZH)

33kv cable
333kv cable 300mm 3 core with LSZH insualtion

How Do I Choose 33kv XLPE SWA Cable Size?

Choosing the suitable 33kv 3 core armored cable size is vital to ensure the long-term success of your project. To select a medium voltage wire, you must first understand the different considerations involved in the selection process.

Firstly, If you’re working with medium voltage 33kv xlpe cable, you’ll need to make sure to cut correctly:

When cutting the 33kv 3 core 35mm xlpe armoured cable, it’s essential to consider a few factors. The first is the type of 33kv 3 core cable you’re working with. For example, if you’re dealing with a sinlge core copper conductor 33kv cable, you’ll need to use a different cutting method than working with a stranded core cable. It’s also important to consider the insulation surrounding the 33kv single core cable. The wrong type of cut can damage the insulation, leading to electrical problems down the line.

33kv 185mm 240mm 3 core xlpe armoured cable

Secondly, the Connections on MV 33kv 3 core 185mm 240mm 300mm cable should be exceptionally well-engineered:

MV 33kv 3 core 185mm 240mm cables are designed to handle high electrical loads, so it’s crucial that the connections are well-engineered and can withstand the stress of heavy use. The best way to ensure that the connections are up to the task is to work with a reputable mv 33kv 3 core 120mm 185mm 240mm cable manufacturer. A good manufacturer will use only the highest quality materials and employ experience. MV mv 33kv 3 core 120mm 185mm 240mm cable specifications should be strictly adhered to achieve the best results.

High quality 33kv xlpe cable with the lowest price for sale

If you want to buy the excellent 33kv cable 240mm 3 core. Firstly, you search some cable factories from the internet, such as: google, alibaba etc. Then contact us their sales manager, require them provide the 33kv xlpe cable price list and sample. Secondly, you can testing the conductor and xlpe insulation whether up the standard. If all the standard up to you requirement, you will relieved give your 33kv underground cable to them.

1 Core 33kv cable 185mm 3 core used for underground

33kv underground xlpe cable manufacturer
single core 33kv xlpe cable used for underground

Not only, Huadong Cable Group Company as a professional 33kv underground xlpe cable manufacturer in China. But also, it has over 15 years manufacturer and export experience. meanwhile, we produce the 333kv cable 240mm 3 core 3 core mainly includes British 7870-3.10-2001 Standard, IEC 60502 Standard etc. And free provide the 33kv xlpe cable price list for very client.

Feature of 3 core 33kv xlpe armoured cable

This 33kv xlpe armoured cable is applicable to the power transmission and distribution line with AC rated voltage(U0/U) of 3.6/6kV-26/36kV system. It is rooted in soil (direct buried, cable trench, pipe ect.) respectively according to the difference in the protection layer structure.
1. The highest allowed operating temperature of the 33kv cable copper conductor for long-term working is 90 degrees.
2. The 33kv 3 core xlpe cable is laid without a horizontal drop limit. The environment temperature should be no lower than 0 when lay. Otherwise, it should be preheated.
3. Excellent electrical performance, and resistance to chemical corrosion.
4. They can stand advisable traction when laid. They can stand traction from the Outside.

33kv 3 core xlpe armoured power cable parameter data

Nom. Cross-section of conductor Strands No./Dia. Of Conductor Insulation Thickness Inner Sheath Thickness Steel Tape Thickness Sheath Thickness Approx. O.D. Testing Voltage A.C Current Rating
mm2 pc/mm mm mm mm mm (mm) kV/5min In air (A) In soil(A)
3 x 35 7/2.52 5.5 1.8 2 × 0.5 2.9 58 42 140 155
3 x 50 10/2.52 5.5 1.8 2 × 0.5 3 61 42 165 180
3 x 70 14/2.52 5.5 2 2 × 0.5 3.1 65 42 210 220
3 x 95 19/2.52 5.5 2 2 × 0.5 3.2 68 42 255 265
3 x 120 24/2.52 5.5 2 2 × 0.5 3.3 71 42 290 300
3 x 150 30/2.52 5.5 2.2 2 × 0.5 3.4 75 42 330 340
3 x 185 37/2.52 5.5 2.2 2 × 0.5 3.5 78 42 375 380
3 x 240 48/2.52 5.5 2.2 2 × 0.8 3.7 83 42 435 435
3 x 300 61/2.52 5.5 2.2 2 × 0.8 3.9 88 42 495 485
3 x 400 61/2.97 5.5 2.3 2 × 0.8 4.1 95 42 565 520

What is the size of 33kv cable?

The 33kv XLPE armoured cable belongs to one kind of medium voltage cable. Single conductor or three conductor cable An MV-90 or an MV-105 is used to designating the maximum conductor temperature in degrees Celsius (ºC), depending on the type of single-or multiple-conductor cable. Insulation levels for type 33kv xlpe cable typically include 100%, 133%, and 173%.

Voltage: 33Kv
Conductor: Copper or Tinned Copper for class 2
Insulation: XLPE
Size of area: 70mm2, 95mm2, 120mm2, 185mm2, 240mm2, 300mm2 etc.
Cores: Single Core or Three Core
Armour type:
1. Galvanized steel wires/steel tape for 3 core;
2. Stainless steel wire/Steel tape or Aluminium wire/tape for single core Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or PE, or HDPE.
Sheath: PVC/PE
International Standard: IECA or NFC, Bs or according to your requirement

Where you can get the best 33kv xlpe cable price list?

However, with the development of the global economy, 33kv cable 185mm 3 core is wide range of applications in industrial production and our life. At the same time, there are a lots of 33kv underground xlpe cable manufacturer from all over the world. And many of them claim they are direct sale 33kv cable 300mm 3 core factory. But actually not, there are many middlemen of them.

33kv ABC Cable

33kv cable
33kv cable used for overhead

That’s why many end clients still can’t find the excellent 33kv underground cable suppliers. So that, the customers also can’t get the best 33kv xlpe cable price list from them. In the end, many end-users get a very higher price than the international market normal price.

Why Choose the 33kv cable 300mm 3 core from Huadong Group

Whenever, you are readying to purchase the 33kv cable 240mm 3 core for you project. You can try to come to Huadong Cable Group. Not you get the excellent 33kv xlpe cable that you are looking for. But also we can oem the 33kv cable 185mm 3 core according to your ideal sizes. At the same time, we will free provide the 33kv xlpe cable price list and products sample for you. Meanwhile,  you have any question you can contact us any time, We will supply more help about the 33kv cable 300mm 3 core.

33kv underground cable
33kv underground cable packaging and delivery

Meanwhile, we export these 33kv cable 240mm 3 core to more than 30 countries, Such as: Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Mongolia, Yemen, Cambodi, Thailand, Kennya, Tanzania, UAE, Indonesia, Iran and so on. As well as we can manufacture the 11kv underground cable size according to your requirement and free quote for you any time, Welcome to you!

33kv xlpe cable price list
clients visit huadong 33kv cable 300mm 3 core stock

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