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What’s the 11kv 15kv 33kv of medium voltage cable?

Although, the medium voltage cable is one of the types of power cable. Usually, mv cable refers to 1.8/3, 6/10, 25/35, and so on. Generally, it is a category defined by an International organization. So, as having a voltage rating of above 1 up to 36 kv. However, there are remain other medium voltage power cables. Rating in many countries about mv cable. That’s because they have own understand about the mv power cable.

3 core GSW armoured 1/35kv mv cable

medium voltage cable manufacturers

Voltage: 10kv, 11kv, 15kv,24kv (12/20kv) , 33kv (18/30KV), 35kv and so on.
Conductor material: Copper Stranded class 2
Inner semi-conductor: Semi-conducting compound
Insulation: XLPE (Chemical)
External semi-conduct: Extruded strippable
Inner sheath: PVC
Armour type: either galvanized steel wires or galvanized steel tape
Outer sheath: both PVC and PE

3 core non-armoured 1/35kv mv wire

medium voltage cable suppliers

Voltage: 10kv, 11kv, 15kv,24kv (12/20kv) ,33kv (18/30KV),35kv
Conductor: bother class B copper conductor and tinner copper.
No.Core: 3 Core
Section: from 2 AWG to 1000 Mcm
Insulation: XLPE
Type of shield: Copper Tape Shield
Filling: Binder Tape
Sheath: both PVC and PE

Although, many buyers used for calling all kinds of 1-35 kV cables as mv cable. But as a professional medium voltage wire engineer. Also, he will follow strict requirements of the cable’s application to rating mv wire. So, many professional medium voltage cable manufacturers also according to different national standards. In order to set their own mv power cable level of voltage.

What should know when you buy the mv cable?

Therefore, the medium voltage power cables is a very strict requirement in application. Especially, in some big programs. Such as: construction, petrochemical, mines. Mechanical manufacturing, heating, and air-conditioning systems, power station and so on.

So, as a professional medium voltage cable supplier. They still will ask what’s the voltage and structure according to the customer’s requirements. So, before they produce the medium voltage power cables. They also make sure the mv cable manufacturers will compute the price according to clients’ requirements. At last, they provide the medium voltage cable price list to customers.

Single core armoured mv power cable

mv power cable

Rate Voltage: 10kv, 11kv, 15kv,24kv (12/20kv) ,33kv (18/30KV),35kv
Conductor material: Aluminum / Copper Stranded class 2
Inner semi-conductor: Semi-conducting compound
Insulation: XLPE (Chemical)
External semi-conduct: Extruded strippable
Screen: Bare Copper
Armour type: Stainless steel wire/Steel tape or Aluminium wire/tape
Outer sheath: PVC

ABC overhead medium voltage wire

medium voltage wire

Rate Voltage: 10kv, 11kv, 15kv,33kv, 35kv and so on.
Conductor material: AAC/AAAC/ACSR
Insulation: XLPE (Chemical)
Cores: Single or Multi-core
Messenger:  such as,  ACSR, AAAC, Galvanized steel wire Messenger wire
+ One sheath lighting aluminum conductor with XLPE insulation(optional)
Armour type: either Non or STA amoured
Standard: ASTM/BS/ICEA/NFC/VDE/DIN and so on.

How to find excellent mv cable manufacturers?

Whenever you know how to search medium voltage cable manufacturers by internet tools. Firstly, you will purchase many substantial discount medium voltage power cables for your project. Instead of searching locally. Secondly, you try to place your big order to search by different countries. So, then gather some important mv cable manufacturers.

EPR insulation marine medium voltage wire

medium voltage wire

Rated Voltage: 0.6/1KV 1.8/3kV 3.6/6KV 6/10KV 8.7/15KV
Conductor Material: Copper or Tinned Copper
Specification: 0.5mm2-240mm2
Insulation Material: EPR/XLPE
Sheath Material: PVC/PE/XLPE
Braid: Unbraid or Metal Wire Braid
Color: Black, Gray and so on

EPR insulation medium voltage cables

xlpe medium voltage cables

Type: HW255
Size: 1AWG,2AWG, 1/0AWG, 2/0AWG, 4/0AWG, 350kcmil, 500kcmil.
Constructor: Tin-coated, soft annealed copper per ASTM B-33, flexible bunch strand with a semi-conducting conductor shield
Insulation: Ethylene propylene rubber (EPR) per ASTM D-2802/Rubber
Jacket: Red thermoset chlorinated polyethylene (CPE) per ASTM D4313
Standard: such as, IEC60092, IEC60332.

In order to understand these mv wire factory’s powerful. Such as: technical strength, production equipment, packaging, testing equipment, payment method, and so on. At least, you can require medium voltage power cables factories to provide medium voltage cable prices, compare with these medium voltage wire suppliers. So, I think, you can very easily who is your ideal mv wire suppliers. So, you can relive your project to them to do.

The vantage of China medium voltage cable manufacturers

In China, Here gather enough metals resource. At the same time, here born many excellent medium voltage cable suppliers. Therefore the production costs will be less. This allows them to sell these mv cable for a very low amount of money. And allowing companies to benefit from the savings. So, you should firstly think of China when you purchase the medium voltage power cables for your program.

AC90/ACWU90 medium voltage power cables


Voltage: 0.6/lkv, 8.7/10kv, 8.7/15kv, 26/35kv and so on.
Conductor: (AAAC)All Aluminum Alloy Conductor
Armoured: Interlocked Armored with Aluminum Alloy or Unarmoured
Insulated: both XLPE and PVC;
Sheath: PVC
Application: Voltage Level is 1-35kV, with dry or wet locations under 90℃, applied to indoor and outdoor installation, mounted vertically.

EPS (Submersible Oil Pump) mv cable

ESP Armoured Cable

Voltage: 1.8/3kv, 3.6/6kv
Type: Flat or Round
Insulation: Bother EPR and PP;
Sheath: eiter Lead or NBR;
Armoured: Galvanized Steel armor.
Application: it is applicable to the round power cable for electric submersible oil(submersible water and halogen element) pump.

Hua dong Cable Group Company as a professional medium voltage wire manufacturer. It not only has over 15 yrs export and manufacture experience. But also we promise the high quality medium voltage wire with lowest price. At the same time  can customize the mv cable according to your requirement. Free provide medium voltage cable price list and sample for you. Hope give more help for your project.

What’s should you pay attention to when buy the medium voltage power cable?

How to know the mv cable whether meet the requirements of national standard. That is a central issue for many customers. Firstly, you need to observe the appearance of mv power cable. Generally speaking, the high quality xlpe medium voltage cables, its face is smooth and uniform color.

33kv single core power cable

Secondly, you need to notice the conductor of the mv wire. If the mv wire is eligible, not only the conductor size of the mv cable is in line and national standards. but also with good electrical conductivity, high security. At last, high-quality insulation material has very good softness.

At the same time, by the medium voltage cable price list. Also, you can learn more about whether the technical parameters are up to international standards. Meanwhile, you should pay attention to test the thickness of the medium voltage power cables.  At the same time, the thickness must up to international standards. Instead of, If not there are will hidden a big danger in the application.


Huadong Cable Group is one of the professional medium voltage cable manufacturers in China. So, it has strict control in raw materials purchase, production equipment, production technology, and other aspects. Therefore, if you choose Hua dong, you can get the best mv cable price list that you are expecting.

What’s primary advantage of the mv wire?

Because of the medium voltage power cables with armoured layer. On the other hand, the armor layer resists external pressure to protect the mv power cable. On the other hand, armored layer avoid the sharp tooth animals broke the medium voltage cable.

mv cable manufacturers
Huadong mv power cable packaging and delivery

Therefore, the extension application life of the mv cable. At the same time, the medium voltage wire used in underground often, that avoids sun exposure for a long time. So, improve the application life of the mv cable.  So, that’s because of the mv wire is becoming more and more popular.

By following, there are born more and more medium voltage cable manufacturers in the world. Due to profitable, the mv wire price competitive is very intense. But, Hua dong Cable Group always thinks the interests for customers. meanwhile, providing the best mv cable price list for you. Also welcome you visit our factory any time.

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