Cu pvc xlpe 6mm2, 10mm2, 16mm2 35mm2 four core cable price for sale

How to contact a reliable manufacturer supply the 4 core electrical cable 10mm2 16mm2

Because of Huadong Cable Group is one of the most first-class 4mm2 6mm2 cable manufacturers and suppliers in China, We offer not only top quality 4 core electrical cable 10mm2,

hdc cable supplier of huadong

but also competitive 10mm2 cable price. Therefore this is why we keep getting the orders of the retailers and wholesalers from all over the world. And the important one is that our company has own manufacturing plant of 6mm2 earth cable.Therefore, compare to other small trading companies who fake themselves as factories but buy from the 4c 16mm2 cable distributors, we definitely can offer you the most competitive price especially for big orders.

In terms of raw materials, our company is very close to the locality, which means traffic is of great convenience. Moreover, we have the advanced technology and skilled personnel of four core cable 10mm2. The cost will be saved greatly by all of this factors. So price must be also declined. You can get a preferential price to purchase the high-quality 10mm2 earth cable 35mm2.

Huadong-6mm twin-cable

Precautions when purchasing four core cable 35mm2

Although the rated voltage of the 4 core electrical cable 4mm2 shall be greater than or equal to the rated voltage of the power supply system at the installation point. As for the permissible current of the 4mm2 6mm2 cable should be equal to or greater than the maximum continuous current of the power supply load. So,the section of the wire core of the 10mm2 earth cable should meet the power supply system when the power supply system is short circuit. At the same time check whether the voltage drop meets the requirements according to the 4c 16mm2 cable price length.

four core cable

Meanwhile, you need determine the number and number of lines for 4c 16mm2 cable. In addition to, you should know the brand and price of the 4 core electrical cable 10mm2 . Choose the most popular brand name. Generally speaking, these enterprises can have the strength, the quality is guaranteed, the relevant qualification of the product is relatively sound. Whenever you choose 6mm2 earth cable, you must compare the goods and choose the right price among the products of the same quality.

Countermeasures in case of 6mm2 cable failure

In order to the process of storage, transportation, laying and operation of 4 core electrical cable 10mm2, the external forces will damage it. In particular, direct-buried 10mm2 cable price in operation. As for accidents that are vulnerable to damage in construction of other works on the ground. So you should strengthen the working quality of 4mm2 6mm2 cable storage, transportation, laying and so on.


Meanwhile it can effectively avoid external force damage and prolong the service life of 6mm2 earth cable. Because of underground stray current or chemical corrosion of non-neutral soil invalidates the protective layer of 4c 16mm2 cable.In order to the solution to the loss of insulation protection is to install drainage equipment in stray current-dense areas. Whenever the local soil on a four core cable 35mm2 line contains chemical substances that damage the lead package of the cable. Such as you should install the low cable in the pipe. And then lining and covering of 10mm2 earth cable with neutral soil. In addition to, you should asphalt on lv wire. When the cable is in operation, due to the influence of the surrounding environment, lv wire aging will occur to varying degrees.

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