xlpe swa armoured cu / copper 4 core 4c 3c 1c x 400mm2 cable price for sale

How to get cheap 1kv 4c x 400mm2 cable price per meter?

Whenever you wonder to get the heap 1kv 4c x 400mm2 cable price per meter you need the follow information. Firstly, you need know the application, It is easy to understand that after a long period of operation of the swa wire, Especially when buried directly in water, exposed to open air or the environment of easily corroded.



Due to the corrosion of external media for a long time, the insulation level of the cu xlpe 1c 4 core x 400 mm2 armoured cable and mechanical level of the sheathed thinnest spot will decrease. In addition, the routine check of sheath or line grounding fault, the thinnest spot of the 1c * 400mm2 copper cable may be broken down. In this way, the protective effect of the cable sheath will be lost. Besides, the inner consumption of the swa wire can’t be ignored. Therefore price of 1c 3c 4 core x 400mm2 cu xlpe armoured cable in nigeria will generate a lot of heat when they are powered on for a long time. Here’s a little bit of common sense.

1-4 core x 400 mm2 armoured cable structure

1c x 400 mm2 amoured cable price NigeriaVoltage: 0.6/1kv, 1.8/3kv, 6/10kv, 8.7/15kv, 18/30kv, 21/35kv and so on.
Conductor materials: both class 1 and class 2 for copper/tinned copper perhaps aluminum.
Nominal Cross-sectional areas: 400 sq mm, at the same time we can customize the from 70 mm2 to 300 mm2 according to your requirement.
Insulation: XLPE or PVC
Sheath: PVC for color black, red, gray and so on.
Armoured lay: both steel wire armoured SWA) and  STA. Application of 400 sq mm cable: this cable usually used for building, hospital, mall , plant, school.

Why the Huadong cu xlpe 1c 4 core x 400 mm2 swa armoured cable price at lowest?

Firstly, Huadong Cable Group as a professional cu xlpe 1c 4 core x 400 mm2 armoured cable price suppliers in China. Meanwhile, it havs over 22 years manufacturing and export experience. So, we can produce the core of the armoured electrical cable from 1 to 5 core, and the section area from 1.5mm2 to 800mm2, Meanwhile, we can supply cables for sale according to difference requirement of customers.

So, if you want to get some reliable cheap1kv 4c x 400mm2 swa armoured cable price per meter. Therefore you need spend a little of time to search the information by internet. Why think so, That’s because the ht 1c * 400mm2 copper cable middle seller will get some profits from the direct armoured power cable factory. Then they will get other profits again from the end-users. At the same time, Huadong Cable always welcome your come and visit, please contact us at any time!

price of 4 core 400mm2 armoured cable in nigeria


How to get cheap price of 1c 3c 4 core x 400mm2 cu xlpe armoured cable in nigeria

If you are from Nigeria, whenever you buy the ht 1c * 400mm2 copper cable. The firstly step is to know the produce process of make 400 sq mm armoured cable conductor. They are solid class one conductor core and twisted class two conductor core. usually, mainly using 12 mm armoured cable copper core and aluminum. The conductivity of 8 mm armoured cable copper core is much better than that of aluminum. As top China 240 sq mm cable manufacturers, HDC has discount all armoured cable sizes for sale at factory price list. Therefore, the price of 1c 3c 4 core x 400mm2 cu xlpe armoured cable in Nigeria is best cheap than other countries supplier. Thus, more and more Nigeria clients favor the cu xlpe 1c 4 core x 400 mm2 armoured cable price from China.


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