price of 70mm welding cable 25mm2 50mm2 90mm2 to Malaysia Philippines, Singapore, Yemen

The structure of 25mm 50mm 70mm welding cable

The structure of the 4 AWG 25mm 70mm 90mm welding cable is a soft single-core. The conductor is made of more than 600 strands of copper wire. The diameter of  70 welding cable is larger than 50mm welding cable. Copper wire is surrounded by a layer of heat-resistant polyester film insulation wrapped. The insulation layer is generally pure natural rubber or PVC and the copper cable is oxygen-free, so as to ensure the good conductivity and the safety of the PVC / Rubber welding cable.

rubber welding cable supplier
rubber welding cable supplier

Advantages of 70mm welding cable Malaysia Philippines, Singapore, Yemen and so on?

Firstly, Huadong always insists on high quality welding cable 25mm2 to malaysia, Singapore, Philippines at these markets. Because we deeply know that 25mm2 rubber welding cable malaysia quality is the lifeblood and foundation of a company. So only good rubber welding cable 70mm2 can win the trust of customers. In addition, you can get the most competitive 50mm2 100mm2 70mm2 welding cable singapore from our company. Because of Huadong welding cable supplier is a professional cable and wires manufacture in China, not a just distributor. So you want to get the price of 70 welding cable malaysia from China supplier. Therefore huadong will the best choice for your welding cable philippines project.

70mm welding cable malaysia size
70mm welding cable malaysia size

Conductor Material: Copper/Tinned Copper and so on.
Isolating layer:  such as Polyester film Isolating layer
Insulation Material:  PVC, Rubber and so on.
Sheath material:  Natural rubber or CR mixture and so on.
Material:   for example Shape Round Wire
Color: Black, Orange and so on.
Max working temperature of cable core:  +65℃
Standard: GB/T5013.6-2008/IEC60245-6:1994 and so on.
Application: machine and so on.

IEC Standard 10mm~150mm welding cable Parameter

struction Conductor Resistance Current Carrying Capacity Operating Capacity
20℃ Current Rating For Single Cycle Operatuon Over A Maximum Period Of 5 Minutes (Amps)
No.xmm2 Ω/km 1 0.85 0.6
10 ≤1.91 100 103 108
16 ≤1.21 135 145 175
25 ≤0.78 180 195 230
35 ≤0.554 225 245 290
50 ≤0.386 285 305 365
70 ≤0.272 355 385 460
95 ≤0.206 430 470 560
120 ≤0.161 500 540 650
150 ≤0.129 580 630 750

About the IEC standard 2 AWG 70mm welding cable?

Our 70mm2 welding cable diameter is 14.9mm. Other factory’s diameter is less than 12.0mm. Mostly their diameter is less than 14.9mm. For IEC standard 2 AWG 70mm2 welding cable is 25mm welding cable. As a welding cable manufacturer, we also can produce 35mm welding cable, 50mm welding cable, 70mm welding cable, and 95mm welding cable.

2 AWG 70mm welding cable

What are the applications of 50mm2 100mm2 70mm2 welding cable in Philippines, Singapore, Yemen?

As well as, 70mm welding cable has a wide range of applications. Especially in excavators and electric drills, 95mm welding cable is essential. Because of the 70mm welding cable malaysia is suitable for the welding machine whose voltage to the ground is not more than 200V and pulsating current value is 400V. In addition to the above 25mm2 rubber welding cable sizes ,they are need to be constantly moved and twisted. So, the 50mm2 100mm2 70mm2 welding cable is very popular in Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore,Yemen and so on. Therefore, it has a good flexibility. Of course, in addition to what I said, there are many other applications for 70 welding cable price Malaysia. So, please feel free to message from Huadong h07zz-f cable and welding cable supplier. At the same time, our company is absolutely your best price.

70mm2 welding cable in Philippines

Production range of  both 25mm2  and 70mm welding cable Malaysia

Type Rated Cross-section No. of Applications
voltage (V) (mm2) cores
YQ 300/300 0.3-0.75 2-5core Used for such as light portable electric equipment and tools
YZ YZW 300/500 1.5-6 2-5core Used for various portable electric equipment and tools and so on.
YC 450/750 1.5-120 2-5core Used for so various portable electric equipment which
YCW can bear large mechanical force effec and so on
packaging 70mm2 welding cable singapore
packaging 70mm2 welding cable singapore

How to source the best  70mm welding cable price

We hope that this price of 50mm 70mm welding cable guide explains the basics of what these cables are made of, and how to determine the right welding cable size for your application.  It’s now time for you to source the right type of cable for your application. Here, at huadong  cable group, we bring a wealth of welding cable manufacturing to the table. Our vast range of products and low welding cable price makes us the supplier of choice for most welding projects. Huadong also explained how you can differentiate between 70mm welding cable vs battery cable and the finer points that might make one type a better choice over the other.

The difference welding cabe of AWG and mm

Welding cable ampacity, also known as the amperage rating or current capacity, of the welding cable wire determines the maximum amount of current that may safely conduct through the cable. This metric (AMP) has direct bearing on the size requirements of the cable. As you increase the level of current during the welding process, the diameter of the individual strands (also called the cross-sectional area), as well as that of the overall cable, expands. Therefore, a 125 AMP-rated wire will be thinner than a 200 amp welding cable.

All these characteristics, when combined, work to determine the welding cable size. For instance, shorter cables of a specified diameter carry larger amounts of current than similar diameter lengthier cables.

The industry typically categorizes cables by what’s known as an 2awg 4 awg 6swg 8AWG (American Wire Gauge) size. The AWG rating works in inverse direction of the cable size. The larger the diameter of the cable, the smaller the AWG number.

50mm 70mm pvc rubber welding cable in malaysia

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