PVC Festoon Flat 4g4 4g35 H07VVH6-F Cable for Crane Mechanical Stress

fastoon flat PVC 4g35 H07VVH6-F Cable price for sales

Construction of PVC Festoon Flat 4g4 4g35 H07VVH6-F Cable

1…..fine-stranded bare copper of 4g4 4g35 H07VVH6-F Cable
2…..core insulation of polyvinylchloride (PVC), cores are laid up parallel
3…..outer sheath of soft polyvinyl chloride (PVC), black

Standards: DIN VDE 0281-404 DIN EN 60228 class 5 (construction) HD 308 S2 (core identification)

Feature of  PVC Festoon H07VVH6-F Falt Cable

Nominal voltage Uo/U: 450 / 750 V.
Test voltage: 2500 V (AC).
Temperature range: either -5°C to +70°or C -30°C to +70°C.
Operating temperature: 160 C (short circuit).
Short circuit time: 5 seconds max.
Bending radius: min. 10 x diameter.
Cable standard: DIN VDE 0281-404.
Construction: DIN EN 60228 class 5.
Flammability: EN 60332-1-2 and so on.


PVC festoon 4g35 4G50 H07VVH6 flat cable for crane

PVC festoon flat H07VVH6-F Cable Application

The PVC festoon flat 4g4 4g35 H07VVH6-F cable is used in dry and humid locations but not in the open-air for low and medium-level mechanical loads. This cable is suitable for connecting movable parts of machine tools, material handling equipment and large machines provided it is exposed to bending in only one plane.

Advantages of PVC flat H07VVh6 festoon cable

These festoon cables have certain advantages that specifically favor the systems and equipment they are used in:
Flat Structure: The H07VVH6-F cables have a flat structure, which works well in festoon systems like overhead cranes and conveyor systems, as compared with round cables.
Flame Non-propagation: These cables are flame-retardant, so they don’t cause or propagate fires.

Parameter of PVC Festoon Flat 4g4 4g35 H07VVH6-F Cable for Crane Mechanical Stress

cores and cross section mm² Copper figure kg/km Cond. construction mm Weight appr. kg/km
4G2.5 96,00 50 x 0,26 250
5G2.5 120,00 50 x 0,26 280
7G2.5 168,00 50 x 0,26 385
8G2.5 192,00 50 x 0,26 430
12G2.5 288,00 50 x 0,26 630
4G4 153,60 56 x 0,31 320
5G4 192,00 56 x 0,31 390
7G4 268,80 56 x 0,31 560
4G6 230,40 84 x 0,31 430
5G6 288,00 84 x 0,31 530
4G10 384,00 80 x 0,41 690
4G16 614,40 128 x 0,41 970
4G25 960,00 200 x 0,41 1.405
4G35 1.344,00 280 x 0,41 2.035
4G50 1.920,00 400 x 0,41 3

 Guide of H07VVH6-F Cable Buying

H07VVH6-F cables are special-purpose cables with a unique structure.
These are flat cables for specific mechanical and electrical needs.
You have to understand their structure and features to find the best products.
While the official name of these cables is their code H07VVH6-F, they are also labeled as 07VVH6-F sometimes.
This post will explain what they are, what their uses are, and what components and characteristics they have.

4g25 4g35 H07VVH6 Flat Reeling Festoon cable price

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