ac dc 11kv 22kv 33kv copper xlpe 1c 3 4 core * 1 x 400 sq mm cable price in Oman Myanmar Philippines

The advantage of 11kv 33kv 3 core xlpe 1c * 400 sq mm cable

Although, the ac 1 core 3 core 400 sq mm cable is only one types armoured power cables. But, it has much more advantage than common electrical cable. Firstly, the cable including the medium voltage cable system, consists of these basic structures: conductors, internal shielding, insulation, and external shielding.

price 0f 400 sq mm copper cable Oman Myanmar Philippines

So the first factor that affects the efficiency of production is the amount of glue produced by the three extrudes. At the same time the 11kv 33kv 3 core 1c *4 core x 400 sq mm xlpe cable price is high. So, the cable used in places where power transmission and information flow are high. Distribution buried laying of urban power network, and replace and so on. Especially, the 4 core x 400 sq mm copper cables price in Oman Myanmar Philippines market is more expensive than other market.So, you want get the lowest price list please contact Huadong Group any time.  Therefore, here you can get your deal 300 sq mm cable product.

copper 33 kv 1c x 400mm xlpe cable in Oman Myanmar

Ac 1 core 3 core 400 mm cable structure

Voltage: 11kv, 22kv, 33kv 35kv and so on
Conductor:  both copper  and aluminum.
Nominal Cross-sectional Areas: 400 sq mm, at the same time we can customize the 70 mm2, 95 mm2, 120 mm2, 150 mm2, 185 mm2, 240 mm2, 300 mm2 according to your requirement.
Size of ac 400 sq mm xlpe cable: both single core and three cores.
Insulation: either XLPE or PVC
Armoured lay: both steel wire armoured (SWA) and steel tap armoured(STA).
Application of dc 400 sq mm copper cable: this cable usually used for building, hospital, shop, plant, school and so on.

The parameter of dc 22kv 11kv 1 x 400 sq mm cable

Rated voltage: 1.8/3kV, 6/10kV, 8.7/10kV, 8.7/15kV, 12/20kV, 21/35kV, 26/35kV and so on.
Max conductor Temp: normal (90°C), short circuit no more than 5 s (160°C when section-area below 300mm2, 140°C when section-area above 300mm2) Bending Radius: both single core cable 20(d+D)±5% and Multi-core cable 15(d+D)±5%

Item Category both A and B 3.6/6kV 6/10kV 8.7/15kV 12/20kV 18/30kV 21/35kV
Firstly single core mm2 25-1200 25-1200 35-1200 50 – 1200 50-1200 50-1200
Secondly three core mm2 25-400 25-400 35-400 50 -400 50- 400 50-400

33kv xlpe pvc 1c x 400 sq mm cable in Philippines

But how to get 4 core x 400 sq mm copper cable price in Oman Myanmar Philippines

Generally, the clients from Oman Myanmar Philippines wonder get cheap dc 22kv 11kv 1 x 400 sq mm cable price from overhead sea. At last, you need contact a powerful cable factory that he can supply customize service.So, the best way to find out the place where gather the cable factories. Such as China, They can customize the ac 1 core 3 core 1c * 400 mm xlpe cable size according to your requirement. Huadong has more than 15 yrs production and export experience in 4 core x 400 mm copper cables. We have serviced the clients from more than 30 counties all over the world.

Therefore, if you from these countries, you can every easy get the cheap 4 core x 400 sq mm copper cable price in Oman Myanmar Philippines market. Do you know we speak so? Because of Huadong Cable located in cable factory in Henan and there are gather many powerful cable factory. Meanwhile, we will supply the best 11kv 33kv 3 core 1c * 400 mm xlpe cable price for everyone customers. So, if you are looking for the cables for your 4 core 240mm cable new program, and you can visit our factory any time, hope you get the ideal 4 core 400mm2 cable.

4 core x 400 sq mm copper cable price in Oman Myanmar Philippines

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