vibration damper down lead clamp suspension clamp set for opgw 100, 115 110, 108 50 mm2 hardware fittings

 Application of 50mm2 100mm2 115mm2 108mm2 110mm2 opgw hardware fittings

Although, the opgw hardware fittings in one types of cable accessories. But, opgw suspension clamp is mainly use for OPGW cable line which passes trough the angle, tension and terminal tower span.


The opgw fittings is not only suitable for hanging overhead cable but opgw suspension clamp also used for fixing, installation or pulling OPGW cable during the construction. At the same time, the opgw hardware including many types. Such as, double suspension set for OPGW, down lead clamp for OPGW, vibration damper for opgw, opgw clamp. It is also wide application like the abc dead end clamp.

The advantage of double suspension set for 50mm2 100mm2 115mm2 108mm2 110mm2 OPGW from huadong

OPGW Suspension set

Huadong are not only produce the opgw suspension clamp and OPGW suspension set at international but also can customize. Our design the double suspension set for OPGW installing on poles and towers overhead line and so on. Meanwhile, down lead clamp for OPGW has a unilateral angle for 15C-18C. So, opgw hardware fittings it can every well protect the conductor for our press. So, the full OPGW suspension set include the inner and outer preformed rods, suspension clamp for OPGW. So when you buy the opgw fittings you need the opgw clamp suspension and training. Huadong produce these double suspension set for OPGW strength is 10% – 20% larger than the rate tension strength.

Single and  Double Suspension Clamp Set for OPGW 50mm2 100mm2 115mm2 108mm2 110mm2

Suspension OPGW

The opgw hardware fittings include Anchor shackle, twisted shackle, suspension clamp, opgw suspension clamp down lead clamp for OPGW, ground wire clamp and protection amour rod and so on.
OPGW grip diameter: Overall 115mm2, 110mm2, 108mm2, 50mm2.
No. of wire: less than 19
Armoured rod (inner): dia 3 mm x length 12 mm
Lay direction: (right hand weight: 0.650 (kg) and so on.
Armoured rod (outer): dia 6.3 mm x length 7 mm and so on.
Lay direction: (left hand weight: 0.789 kg)

Vibration Damper of 50mm2 100mm2 115mm2 108mm2 110mm2 opgw fittings

OPGW vibration damper

Although, this vibration damper is one of types of  opgw suspension clamp. It is including the high grade hot galvanize casting iron hammer, hot galvanize steel twist wire and so on. So, Huadong are offering a wide an array of vibration damper which is known as for its premium quality and smooth functioning. Moreover, this vibration damper is made up of high grade hot, down lead clamp for OPGW, aluminum alloy clamp, opgw clamp and stainless steel bolts.

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